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MY MISSION.   In the ANDES-South America; us Shamans, we  have practiced "Energy Medicine" for more than five thousand years. I belive my spiritual lineage extends back even further in the land of the "OG".  When Lemurians came to lake "Titicaca" in South America, they had the great "Golden Disk", and everything of value, especialy their knowledge.  The Kallawaya tradition says, we received our  "Knowledge " from the great people of the "Tiahuanaco City", the Inmortals.  With Atlantis sinking and in the Big Flood, my people found shelter inside the Mother Earth, in the incredible system of caverns, which exist in Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, and the Amazonas of Brasil.  With help from the "Big Brothers,  and the Masters of the White Brotherhood,  they constructed the "MITIC PAITITI" -land of gold -.  Afther the water came down, a group of "Kallawayas" decided to help people on the surface, and until now we are healing Gaia and her children.

1999, I had the dream;  my guides called me to the North, and someone was called to the South, that because of the "Prophecies". The Eagle and the Condor have to fly together, and people from the four corners of the world , we met in a special Ceremony in Sedona-Arizona this year 03/21/ 2011. My energy is from the South, "I AM SHAMANA-SACHAMANA"; the kundalini energy awakened, the power of the great Goddess " Shakti", the Goddes of the Abundance "Lakshmi", the "Pacha-Mama", the energy of the Gaia, and the heartbeat of the  "Divine Mother ".   "I AM" here, becauce I have work to do.  Through many years of Initiations and the study of the "Great Spirit" of the American people, my energy was moved up through the chakras of all Americas, and reach the tree of Knowledge, now the chakra "Wiracocha", or "Source of the Sacred", is awakened, shines like a radiant "Sun" inside the my luminous energy field, and I can access "Ancestral Memory".  I experience a deep union, no only with all creation, but with the Mother-Father "Creator".

"I AM" ready to complete my mission, I have to enlighten the Universes, that means. "God" wants to perfect his creation, when this happens, the posibilities to create other Universes will be infinite. Its because I ofert you "Body Fusion (R).

BODY FUSION (R). TECHNIQUE.   Most of you have beautiful souls and light bodies, but are unable to bring your Ka o Celestial Soul fully, into your physical body. You live your life with your lights half on, unable to magnetize the health, wealth and well-Being, that is our birthright. The frequency of your soul and the frecuency of  your body are more ofhen than not, misaligneed and you might experience resistance betwen the two, or outright conflict and disassociation. This occurs becauce of life's traumas, abuses, grief and disapointments. Your Soul longs to be. Some where else and  your body stumbles along, without the full power and presence of  your spirit.

Can you imagine how it will feel to haup the frequency of your soul and body fully o permanently joined to gether, as they are meant to be?. Experience Body Fision (R), is a remarkable procces of  ASCENTION & INLIGHTMENT.

MAGNIFIED HEALING (R) TECHNIQUE.  When I made contact with the Ascended Masters, Quan Yin guidedme to learn M. H. (R), and now I work with this technique.  In Magnified Healing, you co-create the energy with GOD MOST HIGH, you become it. You are a cocreator. THe energy flows from one hand to the other though the body of the client, inmediately releasing all misqualified energiesand inbalances.  For that  I work with the "Violet Fire"  transmutation ray.  M. H. is a 5ta. demensional frecuency vibration healing energy and is a tool for the " Heart-Unconditional Spiritual LOVE & COMPASSION".

The Magnified Healing (R) Technique is not intended to dignose or prescribe. We are not a substitute to your own inner guidance, or consulttation with Licenced health care professional. We believe in a combination of allopathic and alternative healing treatments.  I will assist you to protect and heal yourself from exposure to radioactivity, but also to the neurotoxins and to mutating forms of bacteria and viruses; I see an increase in our near timeline.

Body Fusion, Magnified Healing are Medicines of Light.   We help children, pets, people and all creation of God. You connect to your Celestial Soul, holding the intent and expectation that it will impact to you; and the protection and the healing is yours. Your vibration of appreciation or gratitud activates this higher aspect of your being.

For more information call me: (607) 842 1024. Love Miriam Eaton.

Email : [email protected]



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Reply Miriam Z. Eaton
11:22 PM on April 17, 2011 
I created "RAINBOW PORTAL" Cosmic Center of . Healing, Restoration and Renovation.
. I Am Ambasador of the "Children of the Sun"
. Light Worker.
. Intuive Healer
I work with "Body Fusion", with "Magnified Healing Therapy", and with the knowledge of the Andes.
"MIRACLES ARE HAPPENING" with Cancer, Radeation, Spiritual problems, and more...
Reply Rosemary Thompson
2:51 PM on April 14, 2011 
Hi Miriam,

Thank you for joining our website. Please let me know if you have any questions. I will be updating the site very soon!

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